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Medical Industry

To Assist the Growth and 

Evolution of Medical Industry

Metrology Solutions for Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Goods

The medical industry or healthcare industry is essential and plays an important role by providing life-saving devices, drugs and services to patients in need of care and treatment. The medical devices include X-ray computed tomography scanner, injection syringes, artificial hip and knee joints, dental implants, catheters, contact lens, hearing aids and etc. The accuracy of medical devices has direct impact on public health. To ensure the safety of mankind, the medical industry is strictly regulated by high standard. Mitutoyo presents a wide range of measuring instrument for quality check to achieve high-precision and high-accuracy end products.


Support & Development and Production of Medical Industry    
by Mitutoyo Measuring Equipments


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A catheter is a thin, flexible tube that can channel fluids into human body or take them out. It can be used to insert in the patient's body to treat illness or perform a surgical procedure.

Laser Scan Micrometers, LSM, provide non-contact, high-speed and accurate measurement, and are effective for outside diameter inspection of sliders and tubes.

Featured Measuring Product:


Laser Scan Micrometers

1. Non-contact Measuring System 
2. High-accurate Measurement 
3. Ultra-high Scanning Rate


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An injection syringe is frequently used in a medical industry to deliver drugs or fluids in a human's body. A healthcare worker can use the injection syringe to administer vaccines or medications into a person's body.

The internal shape of a syringe can influence fluid leakage and plunger operation. Roundness Testing Machines can measure the roundness, cylindricity and surface roughness with high accuracy.

Featured Measuring Product:

Roundtracer Extreme

1. High-throughput Roundness Measurement 
2. High-accuracy Contour Measurement 
3. Advanced Surface Roughness Measurement


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X-ray computed tomography scanner, also known as CT scan, is a medical imaging technique used to obtain detailed internal images of the body for diagnostic and analysis purposes. It allows doctor to understand and see the internal images of the body.

High-accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machines can be employed for roundness measurement of large axle bearings used in X-ray computed tomography scanner gantries.

Featured Measuring Product:

Coordinate Measuring Machine

High Precision & High Speed

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